Taylor. I LOVE Magical Girls! South Florida. League. Lolita. Persona. Anime. Sewing. Comics. Gaming.
I'm not entirely too sure what to put about me. I play flute and violin. Blacktalian. Bad at talking.
I know it's not Halloween, but this theme is so cute.



People who loudly point out other peoples self harm scars in public:
- Run to an airport
- Buy yourself a plane ticket
- Book it to destination: the fiery pits of hell.


avril lavignes hello kitty video was deleted from youtube and then billboard posted this 



tumblr is kind of an unhealthy environment to be in sometimes because often it’s so black and white

either you’re right, and you’re an amazing god worthy of praise, or you’re wrong, and you’re a horrible monster who deserves to die

i just saw a post that said that if you don’t understand how minimum wage and art commissions work, then you’re “the worst kind of garbage shit trash”. like… after a certain point it’s time to calm down